(الاصطفاف (المصفوفة

Which one?

The arrangement of objects, shapes and numbers that constitute a pattern.

Örüntünün Özelliği

Attribute of a Pattern

سمات النمط

What color? What shapes are there? How are the numbers lined up?

Patterns can display different properties with elements such as number, shape and object.

Azalan Örüntü

Decreasing Patterns

(النمط التنازلي (المتناقص


It is a decrease of a pattern with a constant difference according to a certain rule.

Örüntünün Öğeleri

Elements of Pattern

عناصر النمط

What comes next?

Elements forming that pattern.

Birinci Öğe (terim)

First term

(العنصر الأول (المصطلح

First object, number or shape.

It is the first element that constitutes a pattern. It is the starting point of that pattern.

Geometrik Örüntü

Geometric Patterns

النمط الهندسي

Which shape next?

A pattern of objects, geometric figures or solids.

Değişen Örüntü: Artarak Değişen Örüntü

Growing Pattern

النمط المتغير المتزايد

Expanding pattern

It is formed by increasing numbers and shapes according to a certain rule between terms.

Artan Örüntü

Increasing Pattern / Groving Pattern

(النمط التصاعدي (المتزايد

Growing / Increasing

It is the increase of a pattern with a constant difference according to a certain rule.

Değişen Örüntü: Sabit Değişen Örüntü

Linear Growing Pattern

النمط تغيير ثابت

What is the common difference?

The constant numerical difference between the steps of numbers / objects / geometric shapes in that pattern.

Mantıksal Sıralama / İlişki

Logical Relationship

التسلسل/ العلاقة المنطقية

Rule of a Pattern Coding

Arrangement according to a certain rule and an aspect.

Eksik Bırakılan Öğe

Missing Object

(العنصر المفقود (الناقص

Missing object, part with a question mark

In a pattern, it is an element that is left empty in the ongoing rule, which can be determined according to the rule.

Sayı Örüntüsü - Aritmetik Örüntü

Number Patterns

النمط الحسابي

Numbers with rules

Sequences of numbers that increase or decrease regularly according to a certain rule.

Sayı Örüntüsü

Numerical Pattern

نمط العدد

Which number?

a sequence of numbers that has been created based on a certain rule 

Sayısal İlişki

Numerical Relationship

العلاقة العددية

Which number?

The relationship between the numbers in a number pattern following a specific rule.



النظام / الانتظام

What is next?

It is the ordering of abstract and concrete objects according to an order, a goal, a purpose.




Pattern design

A group of numbers, shapes, or objects that match a certain rule when repeating or changing.

Örüntü Blokları

Pattern Blocks

كتل النمط

Colorful geometric shapes

They are materials made of plastic, which consist of polygons (square, rectangular, trapezoid, rhombus, triangle, etc.).

Tekrarlayan Örüntünün Merkezi

Pattern Core

مركز النمط التكراري

Unit of a pattern/ Rule of a pattern

The smallest part of a shape pattern, that stays the same/identical and repeats itself



الدورية – الفترات

Recurring/regular repetition

Regular repetition of the unit of the pattern

Tekrarlanan / Tekrarlayan Örüntü

Repeated Pattern

النمط المتكرر/ التكراري

Repetition / Continuous

Pattern in which a basic unit is repeated continuously.

Örüntünün Kuralı

Rule of a Pattern

قاعدة النمط


A rule or an order forming that pattern.

İkinci Öğe (terim)

Second term

(العنصر الثاني ( مصطلح

Second object, number, shape.

The second element forming a pattern.

Şekil Örüntüsü

Shape Patterns

نمط الشكل

Shapes arranged based upon a rule

A sequence of shapes that repeats or changes based upon a certain rule.

Örüntünün Adımı

Steps of a Pattern

خطوة النمط

Steps, Stages

The stages of a pattern given in the problem to show the change of that pattern.

Kaplama Örüntüsü

Tessellation Pattern

نمط الطلاء او التغليف

Mosaic / Tiles

Tessellation of a flat surface created by covering a plane with no gaps in it by using one or various geometric shapes.

Üç Ögeli Örüntüler

Three-Element Patterns

أنماط عنصر ثلاثي

Properties of the shape patterns

Shape patterns which is composed of repeating three distinct geometrical shapes or figures at most.

Tekrar Birimi

Unit of a Pattern

وحدة التكرار

Rule of a pattern

The smallest cell of a pattern arranged based upon a certain rule, its basic unit.

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